Thales and Pure Storage – Delivering secure & efficient storage

The problem -  Enterprises need fast, efficient storage that’s secure

In today’s reality of enterprise digital transformation, the exploding volume of data being created and utilised is increasing demands on every organisation’s ability to control storage costs, expand capacity, and maintain or increase agility. Flash storage has transformed enterprise storage in data centers, offering unique characteristics that enable higher performance, more efficiency, increased agility, and greater reliability. However, securing enterprise data has often required a trade-off with storage efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Comply with data security mandates for data-at-rest by securing files with encryption, access controls and data access audit logging.
  • Secure data while maximising flash storage efficiencies through key features such as compression and deduplication.
  • Simplify data security administration with centralised key management, encryption and access policies.
  • Supports the highest levels of business continuity with 99.9999% availability.


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