Take Control of Security Operations with Consolidation and XDR

The constantly evolving cyber threat landscape and steady stream of cybersecurity technologies designed to address it are challenging for smaller IT security teams. The complexity of multiple products from multiple vendors, along with the volume of alerts generated, can easily overload organizations, especially given the systemic shortage of cybersecurity skills.

An average midsize organization uses a dozen (or more) security tools from a range of different vendors, which together generate thousands of alerts each day. It’s not surprising that nearly half of security leaders “report complexity of their environment as among the most challenging aspects of security.” And over three-quarters of organizations admit their security architectures are disjointed due to nonintegrated security products. Teams have multiple management portals to inspect, and they must manually connect the data from each of them. As a result, they respond more slowly to alerts, have time for fewer investigations, and run a greater risk of missing an attack in progress.


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