Success story : Swansea University Medical School

With cloud-based webinar technology, you can replicate face-to-face lessons via remote learning – so students don’t miss out on valuable teacher interaction. GoToWebinar is the complete webinar solution, making online teaching and lecturing easy, engaging and fully interactive. It’s perfect for today’s world of remote learning, combining superior audio and video quality with interactive features to get everyone involved.

GoToWebinar is packed with customizable features that enable you to make webinars more effective, interesting and enjoyable for teachers and students alike.

Easy planning and management

GoToWebinar will walk you through all event organization, planning, presentation options and scheduling for every online lesson.

Interactive and engaging

The easy-to-use platform integrates presenter webcams and includes interactive features, such as polls and surveys, to keep your audience engaged.

Extend your reach

Webinar lessons can be recorded and reused, enabling you to share them on-demand with students in any location.

Analyze and improve

GoToWebinar generates reports on attendance, questions asked and other metrics, to help you continuously improve performance.

GoToWebinar by LogMeIn

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