Strengthen endpoint security with the Quest® KACE® AMA

Security is top of mind for business leaders and IT managers in every organization these days. Cybercrime has become more and more sophisticated and frequent, with another high-profile data breach making headlines just about every other month. To compound the situation, most organizations now make use of a wide range of endpoints to run their business. Employees use desktop computers and laptops, smartphones, internet-of-things (IoT) technologies, printers, scanners and many other devices to get their jobs done. While all these technology options make people more productive and give them greater flexibility to do their work when and where they want, more endpoints connecting to your network also increases the risks of a data breach.

This guide complements Microsoft SCCM to provide both agent-based and agentless hardware and software inventory and ITAM across multiple platforms. Integrating the KACE AMA with your Microsoft SCCM implementation strengthens both products to ensure that all your endpoints are always protected in today’s complex IT environment.


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