State Of The Market: DaaS And Modern Workspaces 2020

In this whitepaper update we provide a current high level market view for major global options available for DAAS and Modern workspace environments.

Why you may find this white paper interesting and what you will learn:

  • It provides a high level overview for DaaS and Modern Workspace environments from a practitioner’s viewpoint, identifies key differences and current challenges associated with dominant players available in the market and how to address them.
  • Companies can save a lot of time by reducing the TCO and on-premise resourcing giving them a chance to focus on meaningful tasks rather than recurring maintenance and change management activities.
  • Elasticity and flexibility with additional workloads able to be added rapidly and at short notice on-demand with a predictable price model.
  • Risk and cost reduction by consolidating disparate tool sets for assessment, operations and monitoring.


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