State of 5G 2017 & Beyond: Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report

5G is rapidly climbing the hype cycle. Qualcomm has even claimed it could be as
“transformative as electricity.”

Wireless network operators in the U.S. are not only talking about 5G, but
asserting that their trials are ongoing and deployments are coming soon—in
many cases, years earlier than had been thought possible. Both AT&T and Verizon
claim trials are under way in more than a dozen cities and that consumers can
expect 5G soon in select markets.

Amid the rapidly rising anticipation for 5G, many organizations are asking the
same question: “What does 5G mean today, and how long before it can help
my business?”

In reality, 5G has a limited but powerful use case today but is poised to reach its
exceptional potential—less latency with more throughput, connection density,
spectrum efficiency, traffic capacity, and network efficiency—within the next
couple of years.


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