Starting your journey to end to end hyperautomation

A hyperautomation journey promises to help eliminate and improve these issues across the enterprise, letting people focus on what they do best.

Process and task mining are the key to unlocking the value of hyperautomation by using historical data to dive deep into the business, create process maps, and identify where automation will help create the greatest impact for your enterprise.

With process mining, you can do the following:

  • Discover end-to-end processes using existing data to provide a clear picture of your as-is state.
  • Determine which activities are creating bottlenecks and, by automating, will yield the greatest process time improvements.
  • Simulate proposed automation initiatives to calculate projected ROI.
  • Monitor and measure proposed changes and automation activities with a continuous improvement cycle.

AI-powered ITOps (AIOps) is another key step towards hyperautomation. IBM is hosting an exclusive AIOPs Workshop from Oct 25th-28th, 2021 - a series of deep-dive sessions on what AIOps can do for your business and simple ways to get started. The event will have 10 subject matter experts sharing over 20 business use cases and demos - encompassing the full breadth of integrated capabilities when it comes to modernize, digitally transform, or create Enterprise IT. 


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