Space Modernization with AWS Guests

From a slow, traditional industry with high barriers to entry, the space and satellite industry is transitioning to a
fast-moving environment with new space entrants bringing down walls and pushing the envelope ever farther. A
major force driving this change is cloud-based services. With high performance compute for design, simulation and
testing, it is increasingly part of missions’ models, virtual mission operations and desktop interfaces, through
cloud-based developer tools. The gains in efficiencies, time and scalability gives unique cloud-based processes
such as digital twins the ability to accelerate development of space and satellite systems.

NSR’s webinar, with guests from AWS, will answer the following critical questions:

How is the modernization of space and satellite systems driven by cloud-based services that help improve
and sustain a surge of activities for a multitude of ground-based operations and production methods?
What are the main performance and efficiency gains from the modernization of the cloud for space?
What key challenges exists for space and satellite systems production that cloud-enabled services help
How does supply and demand look for cloud services in terms of design, simulation, testing and operations?
Which customers are using the cloud to modernize their space processes?


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