Smart Selling Tools - 2017 Salestech Benchmark Survey

The number of technology solutions available to sales organizations today is ever increasing. In the research that follows, Smart Selling
Tools surveyed sales practitioners to find out adopted technology solutions, satisfaction level, usage, and tools being considered to be
added in the near future.

The results are intriguing. Of the 26 sales tool categories considered, only 2 are used by more than half of the organizations surveyed
(CRM and Online Meeting tools). Another 2 are used by more than 40% (Lead List Building solutions and Esignatures). The rest are
reportedly used by fewer than 25% of the respondents, with most categories in use by less than 15% of sales organizations. This suggests
that sales teams are experimenting with a diverse array of tools to be competitive.

“With more than 500 sales solutions, it’s difficult for buyers to know where to start,” says Nancy Nardin, Founder and CEO of Smart Selling
Tools. “Knowing that more companies consistently favored 4 types of solutions should give great confidence that they are safe and natural
bets for anyone’s sales stack.”

So which ones are showing the most promise? Among the four tools that have the highest adoption, Esignatures earned the highest
satisfaction rating of 4.0 or higher. Joining Esignatures in the top 4 for overall satisfaction are solutions for Sales Enablement, Dialers, and
Video Selling.

Whatever solutions teams are looking at, 46% say they intend to spend more on their Sales Tech Stack in 2018. For those looking to get
value and results from their Sales Tech Stack, Esignatures appear to be a great bet. Read on to see the many other insights from the

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