Secure SD-Wan

Integrated NGFW Security with WAN Transformation

Adoption of cloud services, SaaS applications, and mobile workforce are putting increasing strain on the corporate network. This exacerbated as organizations look to better connect their remote and branch office employees and offer them higher quality network services. Enterprises are turning to SD-WAN - a more agile, responsive, and cost-effective solution as compared to traditional network solutions - to streamline connections between their enterprise sites.

Yet, SD-WAN does not come without its challenges. The most prevalent ones include:

  • While moving to direct Internet access for cloud services improves productivity, it simultaneously raises more security concerns at distributed enterprise locations.
  • 90% of SD-WAN vendors are not traditional security vendors, and thus there are serious gaps with many of their solutions.

Although SD-WAN may have started as a networking thechnology, the future of SD-WAN lies in balanced security and advanced WAN capabilities. Fortinet SEcure SD-WAN lies in balanced security and advanced WAN capabilities. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN integrates Next Generation Firewalls and SD-WAN features into a single solution that simplifies deployments, improves WAN efficiency, and delivers better next-generation security.

The following Research Note from Gartner explores these issues that are transforming SD-WAN. Gartner identifies four SD-WAN architectures. The biggest challenge for SD-WAN vendors is that they predominantly focus on traditional Layer 3 (L3) network control security and do not support Layer 4 to Layer 7 controls that are required for strong security solutions.

Of the four Secure SD-WAN architectures, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN matches two of them:

  • Firewall with embedded SD-WAN
  • Firewall with embedded SD-WAN

Gartner includes recommendations on how best to architect both of these solutions. For security leaders seeking to see how Fortinet Secure SD-WAN can scale to meet the new demands of today's - and tomorrow's - branch and regional office network landscape, request a demo of Secure SD-WAN or the secure SD-WAN solution web page.


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