Scaling the power of analytics across the organization

While data may be a commodity, most organizations recognize that the ability to make data-driven decisions with analytics is a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this journey toward a fully data-driven culture doesn’t happen overnight. Even as the amount of data and the need to ask and answer critical questions escalate, tools like spreadsheets and legacy BI are unable to handle the volume and complexity of modern analytics. “Laggard” organizations—those with incomplete and legacy technology, teams, and processes—are at risk of falling behind their more agile competitors that understand data is the lifeblood of digital transformation. To reach true digital transformation, organizations must embark on a journey to enable every person with self-service data analytics, fundamentally altering the way they operate and make decisions.

The paper outlines clear routes to success, via industry best practices, so organizational leaders can feel confident taking that first step toward building a culture of analytics to achieve their goals and surpass the competition.


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