Report on Disruptive Technology’s Impact on Sustainable Energy

Majority of companies surveyed will bolster investment in sustainable solutions

Our recent survey of more than 400 technology decision makers across 13 industries indicates that early adoption of disruptive technology, including in the areas of Energy Storage and Renewable Energy, is seen as less risky than waiting to invest.

Significant increase in early adopters across all industries

There was near consensus that adopting disruptive technology and sustainable solutions has become the price of doing business and staying in business. Companies have already
adopted, on average, four of the 12 disruptive technologies recognized by McKinsey. And most companies intend to increase their investment in disruptive technologies in the near future.

Panasonic’s purpose-driven legacy and mission

Panasonic has a significant presence in 10 of the 12 technologies McKinsey has identified as disruptive and is a leader in Energy Storage and Renewable Energy. One of the world’s first purpose-driven companies, Panasonic is committed to an environmental mission to create a carbon-free society by 2050.


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