Reinventing Government: 20 Innovations for 2020

COVID-19 has undoubtedly cast a dark cloud over 2020, but a silver lining remains for agencies. Discouraging though it may be, this shock to the system has made agencies more innovative.

In less than a year, many agencies took an innovation seemingly out of reach — remote work — and grasped it tightly. As the pendulum swung between office and remote work, agencies made it work through trial and error. As 2020 closes, remote work ranks among many inventions agencies have mastered during this trying year.

The record books may say many things about COVID-19, but one detail that seems likely is 2020 marks where government’s people, processes and technology began constantly innovating.

Download this guide to explore the top 20 innovations that emerged from federal, state and local agencies in 2020.


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