Reinvent Your Business with Data: New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Philippines

All businesses in the ASEAN region are becoming digital with data and analytics (D&A) playing an essential role in this transformation. While the pace of adoption varies by country and by industry, it is the result of increasing returns to D&A investments, as well as challenges and complexities associated with scaling D&A implementations. With cloud-based D&A architectures and platforms, many organizations have jumpstart their programs quickly and with low fixed costs.

This InfoBrief examines practices and prospects in the Filipino data analytics landscape, and summarizes the strategies, architectures, and skills required to create a solid foundation for the emerging digital businesses.

Key areas addressed include:

  • How data and analytics technologies are evolving
  • What’s happening in the Philippines
  • What a good architecture looks like
  • Building an effective data and analytics strategy
  • Practical actions to take for the Philippines
  • What’s next in data and analytics


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