Reimagining Work: Before and after COVID-19

The old way of working is gone forever, and we have all entered a new normal. The Bank of England’s Chief Economist Andy Haldane confirmed this fact, when he noted that ‘the coronavirus pandemic has triggered the largest shift in working practices in modern times.’ And this shift will not be temporary.

To help leading organizations like yours prepare for a post-COVID era, Blue Prism sponsored a CIONET study to reimagine work.

This report examines the likely changes that will impact business workflows, workforces and workplaces around the world. It focuses specifically on how intelligent automation might help large organizations become more productive and responsive in the future. We believe intelligent automation can remove the barriers to productivity and corporate growth that have helped to create economic stagnancy for much of the past two decades.

We also look at the potential barriers to workplace innovation and how the C-suite will need to address these roadblocks as a matter of urgency. We conclude by presenting a roadmap for the adoption of intelligent automation that provides executives like you with a practical framework for following this route.

Blue Prism

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