Reimagining Work: Before and after COVID-19

There has been a great deal written about the future of work. It is a broad-ranging literature that continues to extend in response to socio-economic and technological change. To narrow our focus on the likely impact of the pandemic on working practices, we have divided our analysis of the future of work into three inter-related areas: workflow, workforce and workplace. 

This report examines the likely changes to workflow, workforce and workplace. It focuses specifically on how intelligent automation might help large organisations to be more productive and responsive in the future. We believe intelligent automation could break a logjam around productivity and corporate growth that has contributed to economic stagnancy for much of the past two decades. We also look at the potential barriers to workplace innovation and how the C-suite will need to address these blockers as a matter of urgency. We conclude by presenting a roadmap for the adoption of intelligent automation and provide executives with a practical framework for following this route.


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