Reimagining Learning & Development: The Role Of Human Experience Management In Delivering Personal Growth

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus from recruitment to development, and closing the skills gap is a top global business priority. Even before the crisis, IDC estimated that a lack of IT skills resulted in US$390 billion of lost revenue annually worldwide and was the major barrier to digital transformation.

How can you design an effective learning and development strategy for today’s rapidly changing world?

Read the IDC InfoBrief for expert analysis, insights, and recommendations on:

  • Why learning and development is so important, especially now
  • Some of the common and new learning and development challenges
  • How to align learning with the organisation’s strategic business direction
  • How to create a new learning and development experience
  • What you can do concretely today to get started

It’s clear that offering proactive and personalized employee experiences is the way forward, helping you create a people-focused employer brand, gain agility, and close the skills gap.


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