Reduce Costs and Increase IT Agility with Self-Service

In almost every industry, IT is under tremendous strain as they enable remote work at scale, keep systems up, and strive to reduce costs in this challenging business environment. With resources stretched thin, automation can help IT personnel step away from mundane and repetitive tasks and focus on higher value work, reduce errors, and increase company agility. App developers, for example, can be more productive if they can get independent, on-demand access to the computing resources and database copies they need, without having to wait for a manual action from IT.

In this webinar we will show how Nutanix can help:

  • Enable internal teams to self-provision and manage common computing resources including VMs and Databases
  • Establish quotas/budgets and audit trails for governance of self-service IT
  • Automatically “right size” VMs to minimize resource waste and maximize application performance


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