Ransomware protection with Pure and Veritas

Discover how Pure Storage with Veritas is your solution for dealing with and protecting yourself in the event of a ransomware attack. By ensuring your data is safe and can be restored quickly you can rest assured in the event of a likely attack you will be covered.

FlashBlade™ with SafeMode from Pure Storage® offers an extra level of preparedness to your data protection environment. ESG breaks it down, so read the report and learn more:

  • Enhanced Protection: In the event of a Ransomware attack, your backup data is protected from being deleted, modified, or encrypted by ransomware and hackers.
  • Rapid Restore: Speedy backup and recovery so you can meet or exceed your internal recovery SLAs.
  • Simplicity & Flexibility: SafeMode is easy to set up and maintain, and snapshot cadence and eradication scheduling are customizable.

Read the white paper HERE to discover how Pure Storage and Veritas is your solution to ransomware:

Pure Storage

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