Put the Power of AI and Data to Work for Your Business - IBM Watson Studio Accelerating Value for AI in the Enterprise

Data may be the new natural resource, but without artificial intelligence (AI) applications, the insights and competitive advantage that can be derived from data will remain untapped. With the right tools to build AI-powered applications, including machine learning and deep learning, businesses can tackle difficult problems, ranging from predicting consumer demand and controlling costs to developing new products and even new businesses.

The key to operationalizing AI across the enterprise is a single environment that integrates the AI and modeling tools used by data scientists, developers, business analysts and line-of-business experts with the structured and unstructured data that is used to train the models.

Whether your organization is just getting started with AI or looking to expand early projects into production environments, IBM Watson Studio can provide that platform for success. A SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud™, Watson Studio is an integrated environment designed to make it easy for builders who work with data to develop, train and manage models and deploy AI-powered applications.

IBM Watson

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