Protect your business through automation with Advent One & Red Hat

Security is a leading concern amongst organisations everywhere. In fact a recent PWC study found that more than 32% of organisations have been hit with a significant cyber-attack in the past 2 years.  Security teams are often overwhelmed with manual, time-consuming tasks and secure automation is needed more than ever to help identify and respond to the growing threats faster and at scale. 

Advent One is a leader in helping protect business by connecting security teams, tools, and processes with a consistent, collaborative automation platform powered by Red Hat Ansible.  Their solution also helps organisations to mature CIS controls through automation, enabling a quick realisation of benefits, including:

  • Reducing recovery time following a security incident
  • Maintaining role-based access control
  • Reducing human error and its associated risks
  • Preventing downtime

Download the e-book to learn how to simplify your security operations centre.

Red Hat

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