Power real-time financial services with Redis

Today’s best-practice technology stacks power flexible real-time services for applications in the digital economy, and these same technologies will inevitably transform financial services.

Digital fintech disruptors have started to go down this path. The good news is that there’s still time for traditional financial institutions to follow suit. Real-time financial services call for real-time capabilities that include high throughput, minimal latency, high scalability, high availability, and flexibility in data models.

To make the transition to real-time, you need to learn to work with the data layer in a new way. The shape of the data in your application matters to performance and capability.

Redis Enterprise provides the ideal data layer to meet real-time business needs. Unmatched performance and ease of development are major reasons why financial institutions like Deutsche Börse, Xignite, and Vetr are already using Redis Enterprise to power real-time applications.

To learn more about how Redis supports real-time financial services, download “Building the Highway to Real-Time Financial Services.

Redis Labs

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