Post-election Impact: What it means for your business

Business implications of the election, pandemic, and economy entering 2021

What decisions business leaders should be considering.

Nearly 9 months into the pandemic, and with election day behind us, business leaders have more to consider than usual related to the legislative and economic landscape heading into next year.

Join us as we discuss what leaders might want to consider, including the issues, challenges, and strategy pivots that can help better manage cash flow and overall business finances.

Nationally recognized journalist, CPA and President of The Marks Group, Gene Marks, joins our very own SAP Concur consultant, Christine Malcolm, to host this exclusive 1 CPE credited webinar giving you the tips and other insights that can help your business as we head into the next couple years.

During this exclusive 1 CPE credited webinar, we will discuss:

  •  An update on government, state, local grant and lending programs, as well as new and current economic policies that will impact businesses over the next two years.
  • A deep dive into the best workplace practices and legislation that smart leaders are implementing to keep their employees productive, happy, healthy and safe.
  • Hot 2021 technologies, cash flow tactics, and tax moves for year end and beyond.
  • A look forward at current investment opportunities that the recent economic downturn has created.

This 50 minute in-depth session will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.


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