Palo Alto Networks Improves Content Experience With XML Documentation

The digital age opened doors to greater freedom in commerce, communications, and much more, but those open doors also invite some unwelcome risks. Cyber threats are top of mind for every business in the digital age.

As the global cybersecurity leader, Palo Alto Networks helps organizations prevent successful cyberattacks and protect our collective way of life in the digital age.

In this customer success story, Palo Alto Networks shares how they relied on Adobe to successfully develop a solution that helped them with the efficiency of their publishing by allowing to reuse content, leverage tags, and build dynamic sets of content.

Included in this case study:

  • How Palo Alto Networks was able to achieve faster publishing while reaching a larger user base
  • Why standardizing content in DITA is powerful
  • Tips to staying ahead of the competition with market-leading enterprise content management capabilities

Adobe and CMSWire

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