PagerDuty Virtual Global Summit 2020

Gain new skills to help you respond better, smarter, and faster

Join us for an engaging series of technical deep-dives, expert viewpoints, and hands-on workshops. You’ll discover the latest updates and practices to help you go from good to great at real-time response, including:

  • How to capture more value from digital ops management
  • AIOps, automation, and boosting efficiency
  • Digital acceleration: Reducing risk, reaping rewards
  • Partnership, trust, and building a better tech community

Join us live: September 21-24


Derrick Johnson - President & CEO, NAACP 

Bret Taylor - President & COO, Salesforce

Jennifer Tejada - CEO, PagerDuty

Stewart Butterfield - CEO & Co-Founder, Slack

Francessca Vasquez - Head of Americas Solutions Architecture & Customer Success, AWS 

Eric S. Yuan - Founder & CEO, Zoom


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