Overcoming The Perfect Engineering Storm: Software Development Team Trends

2020 has been both a profound and disruptive year for all industries and sectors, especially software development and technology. This new normal is not likely to change soon. As software vendors and enterprises adjust to the changes this unprecedented year has brought, the need to continue business initiatives using expert resources and knowledgeable personnel increases. To survive, companies must optimize expenditure, enable core business focus, solve capacity issues, and access intellectual capital.

These growing needs create a ‘perfect storm’ scenario, in which leadership looks for long-term partnership and guidance on their digital journey to both accelerate their strategic initiatives and achieve a faster return or payback. Those looking to weather the storm must understand current trends to enable effective planning.

Here, we look at the top five software development outsourcing industry trends and how they will affect the next several years during and after the current global macroenvironment.


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