Optimising cloud spend by right-sizing and right-buying

For those in the IT and business world, the past decade will go down in technological history as the ‘decade of the cloud’.

For businesses, it represented a whole new world; a world in which scalability, flexibility and reduced IT spend were all possible. It was endorsed by many cloud-native start-ups that have since become the world’s leading tech unicorns – the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. As a result, the Cloud went from being a back-office consideration to a key business tenet that goes as high as the C-suite.

This whitepaper will provide a comprehensive overview for business leaders of how and why they are currently wasting, on average, 35% of their cloud spend . It will then look into what tools they should be considering to help them with right-sizing and right-buying their cloud usage; that is, optimising the cloud by prescriptively aligning both the size, type and usage of the cloud instance with their exact needs.

ITRS Group

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