New Emphasis on Resiliency, Recovery and Cybersecurity in the COVID-19 World

In 2021, IT executives will likely see greater spending on remote support tools, on IT operations and performance, on cybersecurity, and on resiliency/recovery to respond more quickly to cyberattacks as well as to maintain business continuity.

This report takes a closer look at this final category (resiliency/recovery) and particularly focuses on IBM’s newest offering: IBM Z Cyber Vault. The IBM Z Cyber Vault (which operates on IBM z14 and IBM z15 mainframes) combines IBM Z hardware and software, IBM storage, and integrated services. It is designed to help enterprises recover more quickly from outages due to corrupted logical data – the data that includes entities (tables), attributes (columns/fields) and relationships (keys) – the logic that drives a database. It can also help IBM Z customers identify cyberattacks aimed at logical data – and help enterprises respond/recover more quickly from data breaches. As a result, IBM Z Cyber Vault should be of high interest to IT executives who are dealing with concerns about data loss/corruption and corrupted data from security breaches.



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