Need for Speed - Why the Workplace is Picking up the Pace

With endless media, services and products available in just a few taps on a smartphone, people are becoming accustomed to a new level of instant access. Whether it’s a ride to a party, a payment sent to a friend or streaming a movie, speed is everything. Thanks to technology, Gen Y has come of age in the on-demand economy.

Consequently, Gen Y want to see the immediacy they experience in their everyday lives reflected in the workplace. They want to make the most of every moment, which means constantly learning and challenging themselves. Simply, they aren’t willing to wait for a slow computer to load or hang around waiting for their manager’s feedback. And by 2020, they will make up 35% of the workforce.

Meeting these expectations is crucial to Workplace’s mission to empower people to work together efficiently and effectively. In order to better understand this generations’ expectations – and how to cater to them – we’ve partnered with behavioural insights agency Canvas8 to explore how this desire for immediacy is reshaping the future of work.

In this report, we uncover why employees want companies to pick up the pace and what on-demand looks like at work


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