Navigating the Disruption of Work

The Navigating the disruption guide was written after Slack explored how dozens of companies traversed the same uncertain terrain as you are right now. They spoke with leaders at organisations such as HubSpot, Shopify and Dell Technologies to see what they could learn. 

They found that, regardless of size or sector, each company is going through five shifts. In this guide, they take a deep dive into each of the five and offer tactical advice on how to evolve quicker and emerge stronger. 

Download the guide to:

  • Learn how high-performing companies are adapting to rapid workplace transformation – all while keeping their teams engaged and agile. 
  • Gain insight into moving beyond crisis mode, or ‘keeping the lights on’, to a renewed focus on innovation and productivity. 
  • Discover how empowering individuals can result in a more inclusive organisation with better decision-making all around. 

Slack know that these accelerations aren’t easy, so here are some ideas and inspiration to help your organisation along the way.


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