Navigating the Disruption of Work

The five major accelerations happening right now.

One of the many shocking things about a pandemic is how quickly the unimaginable becomes the inevitable. In less than 72 hours, even the world’s most traditional companies transitioned from office-based to working from home. Everyone could see that the word ‘work’ was about to be redefined.

So many of the companies we admire followed a similar path as they grappled with their new priorities. And, even though companies started at different stages of the journey, we noticed some common themes and issues emerging. Because we’re students of the way people work together, we started to talk with the leaders of these companies and began to notice the changes happening within Slack.

This piece is itself the start of an ongoing conversation about all this: about how work is changing, why it’s changing and what the people who lead companies and teams can do about it.


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