Modern Delivery Route Management

You may feel you have a handle on the hard costs that sit within the delivery function such as drivers, equipment, fuel, maintenance and insurance. With many businesses still failing to recognize the disconnect between delivery operations and the wider business - it’s time to discover where these savings are hiding and how you can streamline your operations.

The latest Paragon from Aptean eBook, Modern Delivery Route Management, details the benefits of how leveraging advanced route planning software into your operation can help you:

  • Automate manual transportation planning
  • Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of transportation plans
  • Join up your transportation operation with full visibility from plan to final mile
  • Make significant savings by leveraging real-time data from one single source

Download your free copy today and see how Paragon Route Optimization from Aptean can help you alleviate the disconnect between your delivery operations, improve efficiencies and achieve six- and seven-figure cost savings.


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