Metrics That Matter

Software companies follow a predictable life-cycle, with different challenges at each stage. Every start-up reaches a point—usually during the startup-to-mid-market phase—where it needs to figure out how to scale the business to ensure profitable and sustainable growth. NetSuite enables businesses to transform themselves through this stage of growth by offering a flexible and scalable business management platform.

NetSuite helps companies handle growth by:

  • Automating critical finance and accounting processes, improving the accuracy and efficiency of financial close processes.
  • Synchronizing complex billing and revenue management, automating subscription and renewal processes/flows.
  • Providing a scalable and flexible platform that is engineered to support growth and diversification.
  • Natively supporting multi-subsidiary, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-location functionality.
  • Increasing visibility into all organizational units
    of business providing comprehensive financial consolidation capabilities with embedded analytics and real-time reporting

This eBook discusses how implementing cloud-based financials protects software companies from getting to the point where demand outstrips their ability to sustainably manage it.


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