Meeting the modern customer’s expectations - How to use omnichannel solutions to achieve superior customer experience and increase ROI

Information and communication technology has rapidly changed over the last 30 years. The internet, email, social media, messaging apps and mobile devices (all now part of everyday life) have revolutionised the way we communicate and interact, not just with our friends and family but with businesses too. The pace of change continues to accelerate as communication continues to evolve and we transition from a multichannel world, to an omnichannel world.

As modern consumers, we quickly embrace the latest and greatest communication tech. From web chat to WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger, we naturally choose the method of communication we like the best, resulting in communication through a myriad of channels on a daily basis.

Businesses, however have struggled to keep up with the new world of omnichannel and fail to enable customers to interact with them through all of today’s relevant channels. Many companies struggle with disparate communications, delivering a poor customer experience. To ease the pain, they focus on one or two channels, in turn creating frustration for their customers, who want to interact via their preferred channel.

For businesses that adopt a true omnichannel experience (one that is seamless and intelligent), there is huge potential for growth stemming from customer acquisition, customer retention, and operational efficiency. Consumers who are impressed with the superior experience that an omnichannel solution provides are more likely to convert, spend more and be more loyal, but an omnichannel solution that is poorly implemented and managed can create more problems than it solves for both your staff and customers.

This ebook highlights the advantages of an omnichannel experience for consumer and company alike, and identifies common issues that businesses face when adopting omnichannel strategies that often roadblock routes to superior customer experience. We will explore how to resolve these issues in order to put your company on track for stand-out success.


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