Manhattan Inventory: Maximize Value Across the Enterprise

To achieve a faster pace and support constant innovation, Manhattan Inventory is designed to adapt. Solutions are available across a variety of deployment options — public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, or on-premises — to serve a broad range of needs, capabilities and budgets. And with Manhattan Inventory, you are always current with the latest upgrades and versions from Manhattan.

Improve service levels, increase sales and reduce inventory. These cornerstones of inventory optimization have guided us for decades, but in the era of digital commerce and omnichannel fulfillment, the inventory optimization game has fundamentally changed. Inventory is being consumed in a growing number of new and different ways, rendering most legacy inventory management methodologies obsolete. Manhattan Inventory solutions provide fresh perspectives and innovations to address today’s inventory challenges.

Manhattan Inventory solutions offer a single, holistic view of every aspect of your inventory strategy. From annual financial planning to daily replenishment reordering to periodic enterprise alignment of the plan, Manhattan Inventory provides the tools you need to ensure you are generating the maximum value for your enterprise.

Manhattan Associates

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