Manhattan Active® Allocation: Inventory Optimization for Fashion Retail

The way retailers leverage their inventory supply has been forever changed by a world where brick-and-mortar and ecommerce are no longer separate, isolated experiences. Inventory is often consumed in ways that planners and allocators could never have imagined a decade ago.

To provide consumers a consistent, unified experience regardless of how or where they shop, retailers have turned to sophisticated solutions like Manhattan Active® Order Management for order promising and fulfillment accuracy. However, for most retailers, by the time an item has been purchased, inventory allocation placement decisions have already been made. If inventory disposition decisions are not continuously unified with omnichannel fulfillment strategies, profits will be jeopardized before the selling season even begins.

Manhattan Active Allocation was developed for the sole purpose of bringing a fresh, innovative approach to the allocation of short-lifecycle inventory. For industries like fashion apparel and footwear, where brand loyalty grows through impactful consumer experiences, better alignment of inventory allocation with omnichannel fulfillment is a critical driver of predictable and profitable sales.

Manhattan Associates

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