Manhattan Active Omni: Your commerce, unified.

Manhattan Active Omni gives your team command of every aspect of omnichannel operations — at headquarters, in the contact center or in the store. Everyone has the same holistic view of customers, their history and their transactions — regardless of channels — with built-in case management,social listening and communication capabilities. Precision tools for inventory visibility and availability across the enterprise enable  omnichannel fulfillment and keep every customer satisfied and coming back. Store features like next generation  point of sale, clienteling and RFID-ready store inventory management and fulfillment improve efficiency and accuracy while empowering your team to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Because all Manhattan Active Omni solutions are cloud native, you get the newest features as soon as they are available — with automated scaling for peak demands — allowing you to continue innovating while your competitors are locking down their systems for the holiday season.

Manhattan Associates

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