Making Over Your Mobile Shopping Experience

A record 4.8 billion people will shop online by 2021—with 54 percent of those transactions completed on mobile devices. A recent survey by ACI Worldwide shows that COVID-19 shutdowns have resulted in a 74 percent year-over-year rise in online shopping transaction volumes in most retail sectors. Gaming has seen the biggest increase at 97 percent. Mobile commerce websites are where 80 percent of shoppers search for products, read product reviews,
and locate businesses. 

The simple fact is that mobile is here to stay, and it is driving the marketplace. To stay competitive, online merchants
must keep pace with the demands of their mobile customers. Mobile shoppers on average still convert at less than half the rate of desktop transactions. Why? Simply put, mobile shopping experiences tend to be less than compelling.

Here are some reasons:

  • Responsive websites don’t always perform as well on mobile screens. Content can be hard to read or see on a mobile device. Images are slow to load.
  • A lot of pinching and zooming is typically required in order to view content.
  • Order-tracking dashboards are often a desktop-only feature.
    Checkout forms are long and complicated and require “thumbing in” of data on a small screen.

This eBook will focus on what to consider as you strive to create a mobile experience that keeps shoppers interested
and inspired enough to click “buy.”


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