Maintaining Business Momentum in the Face of Forced Change

The challenges with managing accounts in Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD are many and varied. With the frantic pace of today’s business world, organizations struggle to keep up with requests to create, change and remove access to their on-premises AD. This scenario becomes even more complicated when you mix in a hybrid AD environment.

Change is a part of business, but rarely does it happen as quickly and with such little warning as with the events of early 2020. In a matter of a few weeks, the world economic landscape changed. Governments introduced and enforced measures to reduce social contact, which in turn led to many organizations being forced to make drastic changes to workforce numbers
and practices. Layoffs, furloughs and working from home have become the norm for many as businesses scramble to adapt to restrictions.

This white paper, discusses three different scenarios in which properly tuned AD account lifecycle management can empower organizations to easily handle fast-paced changes – even unprecedented changes.

One Identity

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