Machine learning at scale

Solve for machine learning scalability

Machine learning (ML) has emerged as a core technology ingredient for organizations to drive innovation. Today, more than a hundred thousand organizations are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and ML solutions and services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to achieve substantial business results. These businesses span virtually every industry, including financial services, healthcare, media, professional sports, retail, and the industrial sector.

The relevance and impact of ML are expected to accelerate. According to IDC, by 2025, global spending on AI will reach $204 billion. Amidst the successes and growth, however, challenges to widespread ML adoption persist. Many organizations—enticed by the multitude of potential benefits—have grown frustrated by slow progress and a lack of return on their ML investments. For these organizations to reach their goals, they must find ways to put models into production faster and at a lower cost, ultimately scaling the technology to produce results across the entire business.


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