Looking forward: Recovering and Evolving Your Business with Data and AI as a Service

Successful recovery and transition to the new-normal requires organizations to adapt strategies that accelerate data and AI capabilities for improved insights. Business leaders shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining their analytics technologies but should be focused on accelerating innovation for their business and customers. Their teams should also be able to deploy these solutions across cloud or on-premises environments.
Join the Q&A webinar to learn about IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, a data and AI platform, fully managed on the IBM Cloud - and how the integration with IBM Cloud Satellite will help businesses run their data and AI services seamlessly across distributed environments. Hear the latest trends from IDC and IBM, and learn how you can optimize your analytics solutions today.
  • Chandana Gopal - Research Director , IDC Business Analytics Solutions
  • Madhu Kochar - VP, Product Management, IBM Data & AI IBM 


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