Life on the other side of the pandemic

The way businesses operate will change long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In one form or another, social distancing is here to stay. And that simple fact alone will have a significant impact on the way business interactions will be managed from here on in.

For example, to maintain safety, businesses will need to rely on technologies that allow employees to work from home and still stay connected with co-workers, partners and customers. The same physical proximity that enabled meetings, conferences and collaborations before COVID-19 are already being replaced by    digital proximity solutions. And these are enabled by real-time communication and collaboration tools.

It’s clear that the way we do business is being transformed by the pandemic. But what isn’t clear is exactly how. In this eBook, we’ve gathered our best insights and expertise from the minds at Mitel to explore what business interactions might look like in the months to come. In the pages that follow, we provide a snapshot of where the world is headed now, and how you can prime your business for life on the other side of the pandemic.


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