Levi Strauss & Co. Improves Efficiency and Bolsters Team Skills with Exabeam

Having already used Exabeam products, the LS&Co. team decided to migrate to using a full Exabeam Security Management Platform.


By using Advanced Analytics paired with prebuilt Smart Timelines, the LS&Co. team can see exactly what is going on in terms of user and entity behavior proceeding the security alert. Through this process, investigations become quicker and more efficient, thus increasing resolvability. Embracing the automation provided by Exabeam ultimately strengthened the LS&Co. team’s speed of maneuver – how fast you move from finding a vulnerability to mitigating the threat.


“One of the key reasons we chose Exabeam was the company’s willingness to adapt, rethink things, and go the extra mile. There’s a lot of value there that I can’t put a dollar next to,”


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