Key takeaways from the evolving CIO-CMO relationship

Marketing and IT are inextricably linked in understanding and enhancing the customer journey. Marketing’s role is clear: creating, improving, and maintaining a company’s brand to bring new customers into the sales funnel. And as marketing has moved into the digital era, its relationship with IT – from digital media to automation software to mobile apps – is more profound than ever.

As the leading decision-makers for their respective departments, Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officers strive to improve every step of the customer journey. A strong relationship between the two departments is crucial to this, mutually benefitting the customer, employees, and the business.

2019 may be the year where a strong CIO-CMO relationship moves from aspiration to imperative. The notion that marketing and IT should aim to strategically align themselves is not ground-breaking. But the reality of the CIO-CMO relationship is more complex, the route toward its success harder to traverse. When large enterprises are faced with digital transformation and customer-facing initiatives; too often, IT and marketing fail to collaborate well enough to create a competitive advantage. Or even enough to keep up with competitors.

This whitepaper takes a deep dive into the CIO-CMO relationship. It was created to help marketing and IT decision makers learn how, together, they can make a realistic and immediate impact on the customer journey.


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