Key Findings: ESG Endpoint Security Megatrends

As security threats quickly continue to evolve, our approaches to security must evolve as well. Legacy signature-based antivirus solutions are no longer enough to prevent the highly targeted attacks of today, making traditional solutions an inadequate defense. The ongoing shift to XDR and the rise of MXDR services for prevention that leverages machine learning for behavioral detections early in the attack progression. This complimentary research report:

  • Examines how endpoint security requirements are changing in support of current security megatrends, such as zero trust and XDR
  • Provides researches objectives to determine how much of the attack surface buyers expect endpoint security solutions to cover, spanning desktop, mobile, IoT, and cloud workloads
  • Explains how security teams are separating detection and response from endpoint security in favor of XDR and more comprehensive MDR services
  • Identifies priorities and plans associated with endpoint security in the coming 12-18 months


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