IT Guide: Empowering the Future of Work With Insight and Cisco

Thanks to applications like Cisco Webex® that unify voice, video, instant messaging and content sharing into a single platform, employee productivity doesn’t have to fluctuate based on physical location. In fact, with modern collaboration tools, it’s now possible to complete a full day of work on the go from any device. You can still attend meetings and accomplish tasks from your home or between appointments. All that’s required is a stable and secure internet connection. 
In this ebook, we’ll explain how to overcome the challenges of keeping a remote workforce connected and productive with Cisco® collaboration solutions. Together, Insight and Cisco can integrate these tools into your architecture and provide ongoing support to drive both business value and IT transformation.

Together, Insight and Cisco can help protect your mobile workforce so that your team can securely and effectively collaborate from any location, at any time.


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