Is SD-WAN the Answer?

In the simplest terms, SD-WAN is a wide area network – or WAN – architecture that works through a centralised platform, detaching the management of the network from the hardware itself and then steering traffic across the WAN in an intelligent way.

It allows you to connect your users to the data and applications they need wherever they are: head office, remote branches, working from home or anywhere else.

And it does that much more securely and efficiently than a traditional network can.

This eBook, ‘Is SD-WAN the answer?', explores these questions and more, giving you all the insight you need to decide if this new kind of network is right for you.

You’ll learn:·

  • The five biggest benefits of SD-WAN
  • The most common SD-WAN myths and whether they’re fact or fiction
  • The different types of SD-WAN and which is right for you
  • What a typical SD-WAN migration journey looks like

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