Investigate Everywhere with OpenText™ EnCase™

Digital investigations are complex and can encompass many systems and devices across widespread locations, potentially involving law enforcement or regulatory bodies. Without a digital solution with remote access, investigation teams must retrieve the physical device and transport it to a lab for processing, which can disrupt productivity and a timely resolution to the investigation.

Sensitive investigations must also be conducted without the acquisition target foreknowledge to prevent any potential tampering with or deletion of evidence; improper handling of evidentiary data can result in fines or even criminal charges. Digital investigations become even more complex when the employee under investigation operates in a remote or work-from-home environment, leading to challenges around investigation fidelity and inability to access 100% of the required evidence.

OpenText™ EnCase™ allows for security and investigation teams to have full access to digital evidence, no matter the device or location, and to investigate everywhere.


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