Insights and Trends - Evolve Compliance and Security Practices

Software development and security teams have the ability to factor in open source software license compliance and security into their development lifecycle – building trust in risk-free applications with stakeholders, customers, partners, and the executive office.

Join Flexera Software's Kendra Morton and Dave McLoughlin for this webinar as they help companies better understand the current state of open source license compliance and security, with insights from Flexera Software's 2020 License Compliance Research Report, including:

  • Emerging trends to take advantage of
  • Vulnerability intelligence supporting the need for a more robust approach to preventing security challenges
  • Comprehensive understanding of the risk level of uncovered issues and what it might mean to you, your business, and customers
  • Insight into the level at which companies are unaware of their open source use and subsequent license compliance and security issues


Flexera Software

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