Innovatie zit in ons DNA

Workday designed a single solution with an in-memory, object data model for Finance and HR, which thousands of enterprises are using globally today. Their core focus is to continuously improve their single system, enabling customers to plan, execute and analyse their data to generate insight, speed up decision-making and grow their businesses.

The single data model provides the foundation of Workday’s mission to transform the finance function through the power of data. The data model has allowed the company to build applications that are faster, smarter and more functional than many of its competitors. Through a series of targeted acquisitions, Workday has accelerated and honed its analytical capabilities, enabling its customers to not only transact in its systems but understand relationships, analyze trends and generate insights that keep them competitive. In this white paper three major innovations are highlighted, namely a single object data model, planning embedded in ERP, and Analytics and Data as a Service (DaaS).


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